Cheaters Cheating (or: Dude. Check out that hella dope Zane.)

Hadley+Maxwell, Zane: Cheater's Monument, 2010. Copyright Hadley+Maxwell 2010. Photo: Scott Massey.

According to the most recent count, at least thirty athletes have violated the International Olympic Committee’s anti-doping regulations.  The media has (or have, depending on your grammatical/political leanings) dubbed the perpetrators “Olympic Cheats.” These athletes have had to withdraw from competition, dashing their dearly held dreams of standing proud atop a podium.  Fortunately,  we at the CAG have just the thing to restore said dreams: as part of our current exhibition, Hadley+Maxwell have reproduced the base of a Zane– “a figure of Zeus erected  by penitent athletes  caught cheating in the ancient Olympics.” This prescient work, entitled “Zane:  Cheater’s Monument, 2010,” sits prominently and vacantly in front of the gallery entrance, waiting to bear weight as is its wont.  So, what we’re trying to say is: please accept this blog post as open invitation to any and all cheaters (rueful and unrepentant alike), come stand on our Zane!

Leora Morinis, Curatorial Intern


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One response to “Cheaters Cheating (or: Dude. Check out that hella dope Zane.)

  1. Jill

    Cheaters of the world unite ! perhaps cheating is the new winning !

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