Thank you internet 2.0

On being asked to contribute to the web log of the Contemporary Art Gallery, I thought I would offer up a few internet titbits that I hope will provide new insight and depth of understanding on the current exhibition, Strange. The first time I’ve heard of a piano with four legs. (Hey, I keep falling down!)

For Dexter Sinister (The Shakers had something going..):


For Jordan Wolfson (Sex, sex):


For Holly Ward (Safe assembly area):


For Hadley+Maxwell (pole vault castration anxiety):


For Lucy Clout (these aren’t the droids you’re looking for):

For Fia Backstrom (playing blue):

And finally, on my own work (It’s a fair cop):

Jonathan Middleton


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One response to “Thank you internet 2.0

  1. hollywyrd

    thanks for the videos jonathan.
    the dog can’t get out…learned helpnessness, feels very perfect for vancouver right now.

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