GAME-SET-MATCH by Fia Backström

What is the connection between game theory, hockey strategy and an artists’ exhibition where the very encouragement of critique leaves little room for it to actually happen?

How can one tactically and strategically respond to a situation where deviance is the expected behavior?

How can smaller interactions such as one hockey game, psychological expectations, or a piece of art infiltrate and affect larger scenarios?

This Saturday afternoon the CAG presents Game-Set-Match by Fia Backström, in conjunction with the exhibition, An Invitation to An Infiltration.
Game-Set-Match is a conversation between a game theorist (Yoram Halevy) and a hockey coach (Ryan O’Keefe) hosted by Guest Curator Eric Fredericksen.

Saturday, February 27, 1pm
More information here

Eric suggests you swot up for the performance: Schelling’s “Strategy of Conflict” Part I, Chapter 1: “The Retarded Science of Int’l Strategy”


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