Raised Eyebrows

Report  from the Front Desk :  An Invitation to An Infiltration

Some observations on having a front row seat directly behind Untitled (Eyebrow) a work by Lucy Clout as part of the exhibition An Invitation to An Infiltration, during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The work Untitled (Eyebrow) by Lucy Clout was in fact the third work  that was  encountered even before you were inside the CAG.  The first two, Zane: Cheater’s Monument by Hadley+Maxwell, was a 3 feet square black blocky empty podium which while awaiting  it’s cheaters, was routinely used as a resting place, a dog grooming or dog trick platform, a picnic table, a dog pee station, a springboard,  a hurdle and most commonly as a rest for heavy groceries.  The second artwork, in the windows,  specially made wallpaper and paint  by Dexter Sinister,  almost disappeared into the land of logo’s and street action that was the spectacle of the games. Additionally, the 5 official olympic colours were blended together by the artists to create a murky swampy greenish  brown tint, titled Bronzé.  Also in the windows, the repeated black and white pattern of the linked rings of the Dexter Sinister wallpaper quite happily failed to form the much recognised Olympic logo, which our eyes were trained to make out in every shop window and billboard. So after these initial works, the empty podium and the non-logo logo wallpaper, and on entering the front door, the visitor also discovered that contact to the human being behind the front desk was a challenge, due mostly to an eyelevel, hanging rectangle of mdf board suspended in front of the front desk in the lobby. Here are some reactions both physical and verbal to this situation.

Untitled (Eyebrow) top ten reactions, as observed by our volunteers:

1: the side step and slightly annoyed glance

2: the bending down under look with surprise

3: the side step slide and talk like its not there

4: the attempt at looking over the top on tip toes

5: the comment “wow that must make things hard for you!”

6: the comment “That must make things easier”

7: the comment “Is this part of the…..”

8: the come around in front with a happy grin

9: the push and swing move

10: Oh it’s also adjustable !!

– Jill Henderson


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