A big thank you to our fantastic volunteers !

The CAG staff and board would like to thank our current and alumni volunteers for their constant energy, commitment and passionate involvement that enables us to deliver our programming.

Without the incredible people behind what we do, we wouldn’t be able to grow and thrive as Vancouver’s only independent public gallery dedicated exclusively to contemporary visual art. And we certainly wouldn’t be able to offer our exhibitions and programs free of charge.

During National Volunteer Week, April 18 – 24 we would like to say an extra big thank you for the generous gift of free time and energy that we receive from our volunteers !

Here are some of you in action !!

Asia and Merriah on the bar in 2008

Artist Jeppe Hein and volunteers Dylan and Laura, Jan 2009

Charles and Sentimental Journey videos, 2009

Hannah and Marie at the opening of bgl and Tim Gardner, 2009.

Curatorial intern Leora and family at the opening of An Invitation to An Infiltration, 2010.

Thank you again to all volunteers past and present, best of luck for the future and remember to stay in touch !

– Jill Henderson

Thank you also to local businesses; Starbucks, Nestor’s Market and VanCity Theatre (VIFF) for donating some goodies for our volunteers !


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