cool for school: Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, the young and the curious

How to explain the large numbers of guided visits for Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s exhibition? In total twelve different school groups attended alongside our usual free guided tours at the beginning and end of each exhibition: A personal best for the CAG in 2010. The answer is solidly in the work. People seem generally drawn to the hidden and unknown aspects of First Nations art. With his own “Neo-Native” style Lawrence Paul sends this curiosity into the contemporary, urban, political and onwards to the immensely compelling. For the first time in his exhibition history the CAG was able to assemble graphic works that typically originate as studies for his large-scale paintings. The end result — a steady stream of curious onlookers. With so much to learn school groups of all ages were eager to find out the clues of his work and specifically the conditions that led him away from sculpture and into the focus of more western traditions of printmaking and drawing. There they found the rewarding mixture of cartoon imagery and surrealism that is so consistent in his three decade plus career against the backdrop of cultural upheaval so prevalent in his work.

– Jerry Allen, Education Programmer


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