Hot topic: Canadian artist-run culture

An audience at the Or Gallery, Vancouver on Thursday May 20, 2010

Quite coincidentally, last week, whilst mining the archive podcasts from Bad at Sports (A Chicago-based art blog/podcast) I happened on an episode dedicated to contemporary Canadian artist-run centres – before being asked to photo-document a presentation by three German curators currently participating in a research trip examining artist-run culture in Canada.

In the BAS episode, Duncan MacKenzie, an Albertan native living and working in Chicago, re-visits Calgary to find out what has changed for artists and artist-run centres since he left in the 90’s. He speaks to M.N. Hutchinson, Emily Barnett & Bart Habermiller about subjects including how current curatorial practices, funding, and real estate price-hikes are factoring on the culture. (Episode 160)

On the other hand, curators Anja Casser, Janneke de Vries and Dr. Martina Weinhart bring their perspective from Germany, home to the unique ‘Kunstverein’ institutions. They joined Jonathan Middleton and Jenifer Papararo at the Or Gallery on Thursday night, for a discussion on the particularities of the German and Canadian systems.

Jonathan Middleton, Dr. Martina Weinhart, Anja Casser, Janneke de Vries & Jenifer Papararo

Represented during the evening were the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Badischer Kunstverein, GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Or Gallery and the CAG (which also has it’s own history as an ARC).

The conversation was opened up to the audience throughout the evening, whose participation encouraged the panel to draw both distinctions and parallels between the various institutions.

Were you there? Please feel free to contribute to this post by adding your comments!

-Hannah Hughes


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