New Kid on the Block

Joining the CAG staff as the new Development Officer, I timed my arrival to the gallery perfectly.  Just in time to catch the end of the Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun exhibition, here to see the preparations for an event by Bacci’s and just before the arrival of Still Life.  In a short space of time I’ve seen the gallery space change from one thing to the next, taking on some very different themes.

Over the last few days, with the preparation for the still life exhibition, walls, plinths and stages have magically grown up in the galleries creating an Aladdin’s cave backdrop for the art which is just now being unpacked.  Tuesday was like Christmas come early.  Neatly wrapped packages with so much hidden promise that had been sat propped against the walls, were final uncovered to reveal the 50 pieces that will be in the show – everything from huge photos of bright flowers, abstract paintings to, of course, the triumphant carrot.

I hadn’t before appreciated the amount of work that goes into producing a show of this scale (no magical walls, rather a team of dedicated workers with lots of tools!), and it makes me appreciate the result even more.

I can’t wait for it all to be finished and to weave my way through the space and see all the contributions together as a show, and of course to enjoy the opening, my first, where I hope to meet the many members and supporters of the CAG.

Abi Thatcher


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