CAG Goes to the Circus

Thank you Cirque du Soleil for giving us tickets to send our volunteers to the Circus. We were able to offer a few opening night tickets that were donated to us by Cirque du Soleil to some of our especially active and long-term volunteers, who have recently gone above and beyond in helping with CAG programming and special projects.

Here’s what some of the volunteers had to say about Kooza:

“The age old tradition of acrobatic’s can still give an audience a chill… it certainly gave me one as I witnessed beautiful elegance from carrot topped trapeze artists and reckless abandon on the part of wrestler like acrobats who were determined to push the will to live to the extreme” – Daniel

“It was a Classic Cirque performance. We were totally entertained, from the humorous antics of the French Canadian pick pocket/magician to the wheel-of-death jumping acrobats”. – Charles

and about the experience of volunteering at the CAG:

“The most interesting part of volunteering at the CAG is the feeling I get that I am helping, in some small way, the art community. I love the shows that are put on in the gallery, the staff, and the artists that choose to show. When I am working there I feel like I am part of something that really matters to a community of artists and people who have a love affair with art, and I’m just happy that I can provide all of them with a service to keep that community flourishing. ” – Charles

“I love talking about art and exploring the various meanings and interpretations that art installations can evoke. Volunteering at the CAG lets me do this, plus everyone there is devoted and passionate about working in a not-for-profit environment that encourages art exploration. Overall it’s just an enjoyable experience.” – Briana

“What I enjoy about making the guided visits at the CAG is that every tour is different, you engage in different discussions with the public, no matter what age they have and that’s always surprising.” – Patricia

CAG volunteers and friends at the circus


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  1. kcmclachlan

    Though it’s a bit late, I’d already written up a response so I may as well post it!
    – From the vacant, idle Olympic grounds surrounding Concord Place, the audience takes a tumble down the rabbit hole into the surreal and slightly mad realm of Cirque du Soleil. Inside the tents, the laws of gravity and limits of the human body are abandoned as a seemingly boneless contortionist bends her body in order to sit on her head, and acrobats casually ride bicycles along tightropes at lofty heights. I think most people felt simultaneously breathless and invigorated just watching the spectacle from (the edge of) their seats.
    Thanks again for the tickets, CAG!

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