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Full House for Pablo Bronstein

Thank you to those who attended last night’s performance, INTERMEZZO by Pablo Bronstein. We had an  incredible turnout.  For those who could not get there, here are some images from the event:

Intermezzo by Pablo Bronstein

Intermezzo by Pablo Bronstein

Intermezzo by Pablo Bronstein

Intermezzo by Pablo Bronstein with dancer Edmond Kilpatrick

photographs by Hannah Hughes

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Slide Presentation By Kyla Mallett

Kyla Mallet gave a slide presentation entitled ‘How to See and Read the Aura: Finding the Invisible’ this past Wednesday at EVERY LETTER IN THE ALPHABET. There was a good turnout and the question period led to some great discussions.

Here are some photos from the evening:

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INTERMEZZO By Pablo Bronstein

Thursday, October 28th, 8 pm @ Grand Luxe Hall, Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver

Intermezzo by Pablo Bronstein with Edmond Kilpatrick uses the conventional format of the lecture as a starting point, transforming a partly informative presentation on the 16th century French painter Antoine Caron into a dance exploration of gesture and space. Bronstein uses the subject of Caron, in some ways as a decoy to the subject of the 16th century intermezzo, an elaborate form of court entertainment often performed between acts of a play or at festivals and celebrations. When switching topics, Bronstein pronounces, “the power of the illusion on stage is rendered void.” This seems to be true of the lecture on Caron, which, to illustrate the intermezzo, turns into a ballet that both disrupts and speaks to the format of the lecture.

Learn more about Pablo Bronstein:

Pablo Bronstein at the Met

Pablo Bronstein interview in Museo Magazine

Frieze Magazine Article

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Take the Volunteers bowling, take them bowling….

Last Wednesday night we enjoyed an evening of 5 pin bowling, beer and pizza as a fun way to say thank you to our fantastic volunteers for their invaluable contributions and hardwork. A great time was had by all, judging from what our volunteers had to say:

“Who said that people in the arts are bad at sports? Well, actually, they’re probably right judging by most of our scores. Thanks CAG, it was a lot of fun.” 
Hannah Hughes

“We all ventured down to commodore bowling lanes, the so called mundane actually became quite interesting and everyone looked like they had an unapologetic good time, including myself”
Daniel Potter

pictures by Hannah Hughes

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A Call To Auction

The excitement is building at the CAG this afternoon as something special has just landed on our desks…

As some of you maybe aware Vancouver artist Elizabeth Zvonar has been commissioned to create the special gift for this year’s auction and the first batch has just arrived.

Here’s a sneak peak, but of course we can’t show you everything!  To see what’s inside you will have to wait till the night, so if you haven’t bought or reserved your tickets, now is the time!

Elizabeth Zvonar, 'Feelings', 2010, Porcelain

Elizabeth Zvonar, 'Feelings', 2010, Porcelain

Invest your inner ‘feelings’ at the 22ndAnnual Art Auction and Gala Dinner,

Sat Nov 6 at The Vancouver Club.

find out more here

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10 Questions

Last week during a lively guided visit to the exhibition Following A Line, students from Clinton Elementary School, Burnaby and their teacher came up with a long list of ‘deep thinking questions’ about what they saw and heard in the exhibition, here is a list of their top ten questions;

Peter Gazendam, detail from 'A Saloon Keeper, A Newspaper, Two Wars, A Doorman', 2010

1. Why is the picture two different things ?

2. Why did the artist choose to put these two things together ?

Kyla Mallett, 'How to See and Read the Aura', 2010

    3. Is this a painting or an actual book ?

4. Where does this picture take place?

Susanne Kriemann, 'Ashes and Broken Brickwork of a Logical Theory (Workers and Landscapes), 2010

5. Why did the artist chop up the body?

Peter Gazendam, detail of 'A Saloon Keeper...' 2010

6. Why does it look like some people are frozen?

Pablo Bronstein, 'Piazza with Temporary Festival Architecture' 2007

7. Why are they different colours ?

Kyla Mallett, 'How to See and Hear the Aura', 2010

Peter Gazendam, detail of 'A Saloon Keeper...', 2010

8. Why is it white inside ?

9. Why is there a hand on his head?

10. What are these things ? They look like ropes and they look like nets.

Paul Sietsema, 'Figure 3', 2008, 16 mm film

If you would like to book a group on a guided visit please contact

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Walking with Peter Gazendam

Last  Saturday September 25th  at 4 pm,  artist Peter Gazendam took a group of 14 on a well paced walking tour, visiting four downtown public sculptures, the walking tour was an event related to his work in the current CAG exhibition Following A Line, on view until November 7. 

“The impetus for Peter Gazendam’s casual walking tour of four of Vancouver’s public sculptures is A Saloon KeeperA Newspaper, Two Wars, A Doorman. This new work, which is a founding part of the group exhibition Following A Line, uses as its base a series of collages made from snapshots of innocuous and modest, yet somewhat odious, public sculptures that the artist encountered in his daily routes through the city.  Like the collages, which Gazendam has cut out of their environment and recomposed, he further fragmented the sculptures by discussing their partial histories and formal properties through a highly subjective lens.”

Some photographs of the walking tour:

Photography: Aquiles Ascencion

Following A Line also includes work by Pablo Bronstein, Susanne Kriemann, Kyla Mallett, Alex Morrison, Frances Stark and Paul Sietsema, and runs until November 7, 2010.

Upcoming  events for Following A Line:

 Wednesday, October 20, 7pm (please note date change). 

    How to See and Read the Aura: Finding the Invisible: a slide presentation by Kyla Mallett

Co-presented with EVERY LETTER IN THE ALPHABET at 1875 Powell Street, Vancouver

Thursday, October 28, 8pm 

    Intermezzo: a performance and lecture by Pablo Bronstein with dancer

   Co-presented with the Western Front Society in the Grand Luxe Hall, 303 East 8th Avenue , Vancouver

 Tuesday, November 2, 7pm

    Artist Talk: Susanne Kriemann

Emily Carr University of Art and Design, large lecture room 301, Granville Island, Vancouver

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