10 Questions

Last week during a lively guided visit to the exhibition Following A Line, students from Clinton Elementary School, Burnaby and their teacher came up with a long list of ‘deep thinking questions’ about what they saw and heard in the exhibition, here is a list of their top ten questions;

Peter Gazendam, detail from 'A Saloon Keeper, A Newspaper, Two Wars, A Doorman', 2010

1. Why is the picture two different things ?

2. Why did the artist choose to put these two things together ?

Kyla Mallett, 'How to See and Read the Aura', 2010

    3. Is this a painting or an actual book ?

4. Where does this picture take place?

Susanne Kriemann, 'Ashes and Broken Brickwork of a Logical Theory (Workers and Landscapes), 2010

5. Why did the artist chop up the body?

Peter Gazendam, detail of 'A Saloon Keeper...' 2010

6. Why does it look like some people are frozen?

Pablo Bronstein, 'Piazza with Temporary Festival Architecture' 2007

7. Why are they different colours ?

Kyla Mallett, 'How to See and Hear the Aura', 2010

Peter Gazendam, detail of 'A Saloon Keeper...', 2010

8. Why is it white inside ?

9. Why is there a hand on his head?

10. What are these things ? They look like ropes and they look like nets.

Paul Sietsema, 'Figure 3', 2008, 16 mm film

If you would like to book a group on a guided visit please contact j.henderson@contemporaryartgallery.ca


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