INTERMEZZO By Pablo Bronstein

Thursday, October 28th, 8 pm @ Grand Luxe Hall, Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver

Intermezzo by Pablo Bronstein with Edmond Kilpatrick uses the conventional format of the lecture as a starting point, transforming a partly informative presentation on the 16th century French painter Antoine Caron into a dance exploration of gesture and space. Bronstein uses the subject of Caron, in some ways as a decoy to the subject of the 16th century intermezzo, an elaborate form of court entertainment often performed between acts of a play or at festivals and celebrations. When switching topics, Bronstein pronounces, “the power of the illusion on stage is rendered void.” This seems to be true of the lecture on Caron, which, to illustrate the intermezzo, turns into a ballet that both disrupts and speaks to the format of the lecture.

Learn more about Pablo Bronstein:

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