Elizabeth McIntosh Interviews Eli Bornowsky

The CAG and the Western Front present the second of two videos featuring a conversation between Eli Bornowsky and Elizabeth McIntosh. This video was produced in conjunction with Bornowsky’s exhibition WALKING, SQUARE, CYLINDER, PLANE at the Western Front from November 26 – January 22, 2011. McIntosh questions Bornowsky about his new work, his need for a defining structural framework, and his methodology. Bornowsky also talks about his desire to create paintings that encourage active looking.

Walking, Square, Cylinder, Plane: Elizabeth McIntosh Interviews Eli Bornowsky (Part 2 of 2) from CAG on Vimeo.



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2 responses to “Elizabeth McIntosh Interviews Eli Bornowsky

  1. Lovely Leora, good to hear from you from afar. We made these with you in mind. Jenifer

  2. leoraevelyn

    These interviews are so so great.
    Thank you, CAG & Western Front.

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