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Guided Visit Tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon at 4:55 pm there will be a guided visit of our current exhibitions Beyond Guilt – The Trilogy and In the Near Future led by CAG curator, Jenifer Papararo. This special guided visit is part of the Canadian Art Foundation’s Gallery Hop Vancouver. For information on the other events going on at galleries around the city visit

Photos by Scott Massey

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Celebrating 40 Years of Exhibitions

Come down to the CAG to check out our new street front window display!

Since it was established in 1971, the CAG has exhibited the work of almost one thousand artists. In recognition of our 40th anniversary, we wanted to make this history visible by displaying the names of the artists who have contributed to our exhibition programming.

The impressive list includes local heroes such as Jeff Wall, Liz Magor, Ken Lum and Stan Douglas as well as the names of rising stars like Holly Ward, who currently has a banner of her own hanging in front of the CBC building, and Stephen Shearer who is representing Canada at the Venice Biennial.

Putting the list together was a big job that involved scouring the archive. We think we got everyone, but let us know if you think a name is missing.

We would like to thank our volunteers Ksenia Cheinman and Kitsum Cheung for their work on this project.

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Volunteers rule at the CAG

This week is National Volunteer Week and the CAG takes its hat off to our dedicated team of over 50 volunteers. We thank them for their valuable gift of expertise, amazing energy and dedication.

As Gallery Coordinator I consider myself privileged to work alongside volunteers who fulfill so many necessary roles in the organisation. It might be a surprise to some to discover the sheer diversity of their backgrounds. This has encompassed occupations ranging from students, artists, teachers, architects, librarians, marketing professionals and designers through to treaty negotiators! In recognition, I would like to share with you a series of profiles that highlight the interests, backgrounds and experiences of these dedicated individuals.

First in the series is Dan Potter:

What brought you to volunteer at the CAG?

I love contemporary art!  I think that there is nothing that can relay various life experiences and different perspectives better then art.  It really is the best storyteller.  So being an artist since the age of two, I decided to get a post secondary education in art and pursue it as a career.  That meant I was looking for “experience”, but also something fun relating to art which made me want to get involved with the CAG.

 What is your favorite thing about your volunteer position at the CAG?

I like talking with the various gallery visitors.  I have had some interesting  chats.  I also like my position in that I am the first person who people get a chance to talk to after they have seen the exhibit.

What and where was the first Contemporary Art work that you experienced?

It was at the Vancouver Art Gallery on a school field trip.  I was quite young, in early elementary school.  I remember seeing a piece hung on the gallery wall which consisted of a single straight line pointing upwards.  It must have been Barnet Newman or something else like his work.  But I remember I didn’t get it!  I couldn’t see the point for a creation of such simplicity hanging in a museum!  I guess my abstract mind was still developing.  Of course now I understand and enjoy the intricate use of meaning in all disciplines of contemporary art.

 What other creative activities do you do?

I am of course an artist in that I paint and draw with a focus on creativity and experimentation.  I compose and record various genres of music by playing several different instruments, but my main musical focus is playing the guitar.  I also write about art by including my various musings on life as they pertain to a particular art exhibition taking place around town. Check out Dan’s blog here:

Thank you Dan for sharing! More profiles coming soon.

– Jill Henderson

Here are some favourite pics of our volunteers in action:

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Mystery at the CAG

This morning an unknown person hung this handmade poster outside of the CAG. It features a photograph, which appears to have been taken at our opening last Thursday. Printed on top of the image is the text, “The piece in the other room is amazing”.

We like the poster and are curious about the story behind this intervention. Do you know anything about it?

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Sneak Peek: New Exhibitions Opening Tomorrow

Our two new exhibitions, In the Near Future by Sharon Hayes and Beyond Guilt – The Trilogy by Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir are opening tomorrow evening, Thursday April 7, 6-9 pm. All of the CAG staff have been working hard in preparation. Ruti and Maayan arrived from Tel Aviv yesterday and Sharon flew in from New York City very early this morning. They were all at the gallery today to help with the installation and to talk to our volunteers and interpretive guides. Please come to the opening reception to meet the artists and view these two great works. The CAG will also present  In-Conversation with Sharon Hayes, Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir moderated by CAG Curator Jenifer Papararo on Friday, April 8, 6 pm.

Here are some photos of the exhibitions in process. See you tomorrow.

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Roy Arden’s solo exhibition at the CAG is now closed. It was extremely well attended, with 2,479 visitors. On March 19th we celebrated the launch of Arden’s artist publication, UNDERTHESUN, which was available at the gallery free of charge and distributed to various locations around the city. We still have some of the publications left and they will be available at the CAG for the price of $10 once we reopen next week. We also released a special edition of 15 black and white archival pigment prints by Roy Arden. They were a great deal and sold out in a flash!

Here are some photos from taking down the show.

Also, check out this exhibition tour video by Adrian Buitenhuis.

UNDERTHESUN from CAG on Vimeo.

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