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Screaming Alley smelled like fresh laundry: an entry on Tran’s A Way to Go

Hello dear CAG Blog readers,

My name is Kevin Day. I am one of the new curatorial interns who just joined the Contemporary Art Gallery this month. Today I had the privilege of taking Ron Tran’s A Way to Go, an off-site project involving a guided tour of the artist’s earlier experience of walking through the downtown area. The following are some thoughts I had while taking the tour.

As I came to Emery Barnes Park and listened to the interview with the caretaker of the fountain, there was an uncanny doubling as I was confronted with the feeling that the caretaker was right there talking beside me, yet concurrently, with the realization that he is at that very moment, elsewhere, operating the fountain’s machinery.

At numerous times, I made mental notes to myself that what the artist saw and experienced contrasted with what I was experiencing, such as the realization that the section between Richards and Seymour at Drake was closed off today for construction, relieving myself of the dread and danger of crossing the street that was most likely faced by Tran. Other difference included the fact that “Screaming Alley,” for me, exuded not so much screaming as its most evident trait but a strong waft of fresh laundry, and how in that same alley I did not find five dollars like Tran did but instead a red suitcase.

At Davie and Red Scarf Alley where the artist directed us towards the Found Balloon, I followed Tran’s exact point of view and movements as I watched the video of the balloon traversing the streets.

A constant sentiment that occurred to me throughout the walk was how the two distinct times/experiences (between the artist’s idiosyncratic journey and my own) forcefully merge together, simultaneously and paradoxically, even as their distinction is made evident.

The tour came to an end with an accompanying song, highlighting the common contemporary condition of not just looking at one’s phone all the time (as made evident and necessary throughout the tour), but listening to music everywhere as well, giving the semblance of having a perpetual personal soundtrack.

Here is an audio sample of A Way to Go.


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New to the Contemporary Art Gallery

Dear CAG Blog readers,


My name is Lara Szabo Greisman and I have the pleasure of joining the CAG this summer to help coordinate the catalogue for the annual Art Auction taking place November 5th at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.
Currently, I am studying at Stockholm University’s International Master’s Program in Curating Art with Management and Law. (Yes, that’s actually the title. We call it “the curating program” or, between ourselves we sometimes call it “school”). Before that I was at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario during which I was a primary collective member of The Artel Arts Accommodation and Venue (another long title) which is an artist-run center whose program includes exhibitions, screenings, workshops, magazine launches and concerts. During my time in Kingston, I was a member of the artist collective Works Cited which put together inter and multi-media performances on subjects such as the tragedy of linear time, the frustration of unscrambling an egg and the colour blue.
As part of my summer contract at the CAG, I am researching local and international artists and their works as well as writing the catalogue texts that will (hopefully) give you a lovely intro into the impressive range of pieces included in the auction this year. So far I have been compiling information on a wide variety of interesting works by artists such as Pablo Bronstein, Hadley + Maxwell, Peter Gazendam, Elizabeth McIntosh and Marcel Dzama, to name just a few.
While I am here, I will also be helping with exhibitions. Speaking of which…have you seen the Shary Boyle show, Flesh and Blood yet? The light and sculpture installation Virus is fascinating as it changes before your eyes from a pure white, mythological type figure to an animated creature in a fantastical neon landscape. Other highlights will be working with Ron Tran’s piece A Way to Go, which leads you on a journey through the alleys, pointing out gems and gestures in places you would never look.


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A few photos from Venice

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