Remixology Six

The illustrious panel

Jenifer Papararo, the CAG’s Curator, was recently invited to speak at an event hosted by FreshMedia. Freshmedia is an organization that celebrates and fosters alternative media sources by generating conversation and ultimately, innovation.

The event, dubbed Remixology Six, focused on media in public space, the commercialization thereof, and how to build community in light of this. Jenifer, along with Consultant Hannah Hughes, discussed A Way To Go, Ron Tran’s current Offsite Project for the CAG. Remixology’s main questions, “How do we use new and old media tools to affect public space and generate conversations? ” was especially pertinant to Ron’s work and his attempt to breath poetic humanism into the sometimes cold (or at the very least, cool) world of technology and new media.

Jenifer Papararo discussing Ron Tran's "A Way to Go"

The other panelists were Alexander Biko McNaughton, public space specialist, David Mattatall, creator of  Zoo Zhop, and Debra Zho fom Center A. Check out Center A and Vancouver New Music’s recent Co-Lab effort Germain Koh and Gillian Jerome for another creative and sensitive use of new media. Ain’t Zeitgeist grand?

Meredith Carr, CAG Curatorial Intern

From left: Alexander Biko McNaughton, David Mattatal, Debra Zho, Hannah Hughes, and Jenifer Papararo


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