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Keg de Souza’s Temporary Spaces, Edible Places Picnic

Burrard Marina Field House Studio

Keg's Inflatable at Burrard Marina Keg de Souza’s Inflatable at Burrard Marina

On Friday April 3rd Burrard Field House Studio resident Australian artist Keg de Souza hosted a picnic!

Her handmade inflatable dome became a temporary space at the Burrard Marina Field House for a discussion. Through meetings with local chefs, food activists and local residents over the past few weeks, de Souza prepared a truly ‘Canadian’ feast as the starting point for an afternoon of unfolding dialogue. Poutine, Kraft dinner, candied salmon, beavertails and bannock were just some of dishes served. Engaging Canadian colonial narratives via a consideration of Canadian food traditions, conversations were mapped directly onto the inflatable’s floor. A starting point for the discussion was the ephemerality of the event itself – the only remnants being an intertwining of disconnected dialogues alongside dirty dishes, crumbs and new questions posed.

This event was the first public happening by Burrard Marina Field House artist-in-resident…

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Contemporary Art Gallery at the New York Art Book Fair, opens tonight!

We are all set up and excited for tonight’s opening of the New York Art Book Fair at PS1 MoMA, come by our booth Q49 on the second floor.

We are presenting CAG publications from 30 years of publishing, among them Christopher Williams, Robert Orchardson, Sarah Browne, Roy Arden, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ken Lum, Shannon Oksanen, Frances Stark and many more. We are also featuring limited edition prints by Robert Orchardson and Thomas Bewick. We will also have some rare signed copies of several of our publications as well!

See you at the fair, yours Jill and Soledad.

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Do you remember the Summer of 1984?

1984 Poster for ART TALKS

The Contemporary Art Gallery is celebrating its 40th Anniversary, and as part of commemorating the occasion we’ve been reflecting on our past, searching through the archives and discovering some random mementos.

We found the above poster in the ‘best of the ’80’s file’, did  you or do you know someone who might have attended any of the advertised talks? If so, we would love to hear your recollections of what must have been some memorable Summer of ’84 Vancouver nights.

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Volunteers rule at the CAG

This week is National Volunteer Week and the CAG takes its hat off to our dedicated team of over 50 volunteers. We thank them for their valuable gift of expertise, amazing energy and dedication.

As Gallery Coordinator I consider myself privileged to work alongside volunteers who fulfill so many necessary roles in the organisation. It might be a surprise to some to discover the sheer diversity of their backgrounds. This has encompassed occupations ranging from students, artists, teachers, architects, librarians, marketing professionals and designers through to treaty negotiators! In recognition, I would like to share with you a series of profiles that highlight the interests, backgrounds and experiences of these dedicated individuals.

First in the series is Dan Potter:

What brought you to volunteer at the CAG?

I love contemporary art!  I think that there is nothing that can relay various life experiences and different perspectives better then art.  It really is the best storyteller.  So being an artist since the age of two, I decided to get a post secondary education in art and pursue it as a career.  That meant I was looking for “experience”, but also something fun relating to art which made me want to get involved with the CAG.

 What is your favorite thing about your volunteer position at the CAG?

I like talking with the various gallery visitors.  I have had some interesting  chats.  I also like my position in that I am the first person who people get a chance to talk to after they have seen the exhibit.

What and where was the first Contemporary Art work that you experienced?

It was at the Vancouver Art Gallery on a school field trip.  I was quite young, in early elementary school.  I remember seeing a piece hung on the gallery wall which consisted of a single straight line pointing upwards.  It must have been Barnet Newman or something else like his work.  But I remember I didn’t get it!  I couldn’t see the point for a creation of such simplicity hanging in a museum!  I guess my abstract mind was still developing.  Of course now I understand and enjoy the intricate use of meaning in all disciplines of contemporary art.

 What other creative activities do you do?

I am of course an artist in that I paint and draw with a focus on creativity and experimentation.  I compose and record various genres of music by playing several different instruments, but my main musical focus is playing the guitar.  I also write about art by including my various musings on life as they pertain to a particular art exhibition taking place around town. Check out Dan’s blog here:

Thank you Dan for sharing! More profiles coming soon.

– Jill Henderson

Here are some favourite pics of our volunteers in action:

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10 Questions

Last week during a lively guided visit to the exhibition Following A Line, students from Clinton Elementary School, Burnaby and their teacher came up with a long list of ‘deep thinking questions’ about what they saw and heard in the exhibition, here is a list of their top ten questions;

Peter Gazendam, detail from 'A Saloon Keeper, A Newspaper, Two Wars, A Doorman', 2010

1. Why is the picture two different things ?

2. Why did the artist choose to put these two things together ?

Kyla Mallett, 'How to See and Read the Aura', 2010

    3. Is this a painting or an actual book ?

4. Where does this picture take place?

Susanne Kriemann, 'Ashes and Broken Brickwork of a Logical Theory (Workers and Landscapes), 2010

5. Why did the artist chop up the body?

Peter Gazendam, detail of 'A Saloon Keeper...' 2010

6. Why does it look like some people are frozen?

Pablo Bronstein, 'Piazza with Temporary Festival Architecture' 2007

7. Why are they different colours ?

Kyla Mallett, 'How to See and Hear the Aura', 2010

Peter Gazendam, detail of 'A Saloon Keeper...', 2010

8. Why is it white inside ?

9. Why is there a hand on his head?

10. What are these things ? They look like ropes and they look like nets.

Paul Sietsema, 'Figure 3', 2008, 16 mm film

If you would like to book a group on a guided visit please contact

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rethink + cag

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guided visit volunteers, bring to life, still life

Students from Vancouver Film School participating in a guided visit inspect Kelly Mark's 'GDS (graphite drawing series) Still Life #3'

During the Summer months and into the fall the CAG is excited to be offering guided visits of our exhibitions, free of charge and to wider audiences,

thanks in part to our dedicated volunteer guided visit leaders !

In June we have already accomodated groups from Vancouver Film School, Yaletown Montessori pre-school and our first German language visit.

Keep posted for an upcoming French language guided visit in mid July, date to be announced !

Gerald Ferguson, 'Apple' 1985, cast iron. From the exhibition Triumphant Carrot; The Persistence of Still Life

Eric Cameron, 'Beer Can-Can (1248)', 1997 from Triumphant Carrot; The Persistence of Still Life

If you would like to book a free guided visit please contact Jill Henderson to arrange to bring your group, large or small, from your family, community, school, summer camp or workplace !

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