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Window Spaces Fade to Black

If you were walking down Nelson Street in the evening between February 3rd and May 16th, you hopefully spied the work Aurorae by Scott Massey in the CAG street front window spaces. During the day, the window spaces appeared to be coated in some kind of nondescript blue paint and visitors would come into the gallery either unaware that there was something on display or perplexed as to what it represented. When on my volunteer shift at the gallery, I would welcome visitors to make a date to come back to the gallery after dark so that they could enjoy the light-show piece, but as the gallery was closed most evenings after 6 pm, I never really saw if anyone came back to satisfy their curiosity.

I was  lucky enough to have a friend live in the building across the street and we made a special tea & art viewing date together, specifically so that we could spend an evening with Aurorae.

But even if you didn’t have a friend living across the street from the gallery, or if you didn’t find the time after dark to see Massey’s light display piece in the window spaces, you’re able to see it here thanks to his time lapse video below.

Scott Massey’s Aurorae fades to black as we prepare our Window Spaces for Josephine Meckseper’s American Leg.

As the night sky lightens on Massey’s celestial light-show phenomenon, the light takes on a more earthly halogen with Josephine Meckseper’s discussion on consumer culture and the world of advertising. The exhibition American Leg by Josephine Meckseper opens on Thursday, May 24th (7-10 PM).  Currently based in New York, this will be Meckseper’s first exhibition in Canada.  Additionally Josephine Meckseper will talk on her work on Wednesday May 23 at 7 pm at SFU Woodwards, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings Street, this talk is free and all are welcome.

Scott Massey’s Off-site project Via Lactea (above Glacier Lake) will remain on view at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, Canada Line until July 1st. This piece, also dealing with the night sky, can be seen in the day time (or night time). Find out more about this piece in the CAG’s 2012 summer exhibition PDF.

Kay Slater (@kdot) is a volunteer at the Contemporary Art Gallery. Come visit her on shift every Sunday from Noon-3PM.

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Matthew Monahan opens tonight at the CAG

Matthew Monahan is interviewed for Life on Mars the Carnegie International in 2008. Matthew Monahan’s first Canadian solo exhibition opens at the Contemporary Art Gallery on Thursday April 26 and continues until July 1, 2012.

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A full house for Mark Godfrey’s talk on Frances Stark

On Sunday April 1st at the CAG, Tate Modern curator  Mark Godfrey gave an engaging talk on Frances Stark’s practice in relation to her work My Best Thing to over 100 visitors.  Frances Stark’s My Best Thing is a feature length animation film currently on view until Sunday April 15. Here are some images of the event taken by CAG volunteer Jamie Dolinko.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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New Upload: One Question with Frances Stark

As part of the Contemporary Art Gallery’s on-going video series, One Question, Frances Stark discusses her feature length animation,  My Best Thing, which is now on view at  the gallery until April 15, 2012. While using the highly accessible and modest medium of the video chatroom, Stark explores complexities in communication through the guise of cartoon avatars. Here is Frances addressing the question “What is your identification with materials in contemporary culture?”

Video production by Adrian Buitenhuis.

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Online video uploaded: One Question, Corin Sworn

The latest installment in the CAG’s on-going video series One Question features Corin Sworn and her extrapolations of the question “what is your identification with materials in contemporary culture?” Sworn touches on themes of wandering attention, the unknown, and the recent past.  She sheds light on her thinking processes behind her latest project, Endless Renovation, which will be on view at the CAG until January 15, 2012.

Video production by Adrian Buitenhuis.

Kevin Day

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Corin Sworn selected for the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards

We are pleased to announce that Corin Sworn, whose work will be featured in the upcoming exhibition Endless Renovation, is one of the recipients of the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards. This award is presented in partner with Jerwood Visual Art (JVA) and Film and Video Umbrella Awards. It provides a £4,000 bursary for the artists to develop pre-production proposals for significant new works, that will be showcased in the exhibition  Tomorrow Never Knows to be held at the The Jerwood Space, London from March 14 to April 22, 2012.

Here’s what the award’s website has to say about their exhibition:

“Tomorrow Never Knows, will consider the artists’ own individual ‘projects for the future’ against the larger theme of ‘futures past’, offering reminders of the fleeting nature or the untapped potential of earlier manifestations of the future, whilst also reflecting on the uncertainties of futurology.”

During the exhibition, Corin Sworn will once again be under review, this time for the opportunity to recieve one of two £20,000 commissions to develop her proposal into a finished work to appear at The Jerwood Space in 2013.

Congratulations to Corin and the other award recipients Ed Atkins, Emma Hart, and Naheed Raza!

Meredith Carr, CAG Curatorial Intern

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One Question: Federico Herrero

The latest installment of the One Question video series features Federico Herrero, whose practice of large-scale mural paintings was translated to one in colored vinyl on the exterior of the CAG. During Herrero’s brief visit to Vancouver before leaving last week, he steadily finished his in-progress mural on the CAG windows and gave a lecture at ECUAD on September 12. Vibrantes, the newly finished artwork, will be on view until January 15, 2012.

Video production by Adrian Buitenhuis.

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